Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My First Post

Joey and I decided to make a blog so we could post critiques about all different things.

I haven't blogged since my sophomore year of high school. So excuse me if this is a little shaky. I am quite aware of how funny blogs can be and how much they can suck. Hopefully I won't lose my focus and be able to control my ADD long enough so that my posts won't be all over the place.

I wanted to create this blog for the sole purpose of reviewing things. I am an avid fan of list making and putting my two cents in on everything from what fast food chain has the best items on the menu to what '90s show on Nickelodeon was better, Salute your Shorts or Are you Afraid of the Dark? (Salute your shorts obviously even though I could debate the pros and cons of each for hours). I am the queen of mindless trivia especially if it involves '90s music or TV. I am a huge fan of really shitty TV shows and I get very emotionally involved in any show that stars fat people losing weight. But...I digress (this will happen a lot)

I'm hoping to pick a topic and write a semi-insightful (if not long and painful) blog about it. If you have any suggestions on a topic please tell me (or comment). I eat a lot so expect some food reviews. I read a lot so there will no doubt be some book reviews. Same with television. The only show I will not submit myself to is Jersey Shore. One might think it is because I have morals. The real reason is I know I will become addicted and turn into one of those people who throw Jersey Shore parties every Thursday night and riddle their vocabulary with "grenade" and "GTL." I am very susceptible to horrible reality TV. I do not need to sink further into it's abyss.

I have strong opinions on music and will probably piss off anybody who stumbles upon this blog and is a fan of Slipknot and death metal. Then again, I very much doubt there are a lot of death metal fans looking up blogs on Google but you really never know. I also hate most indie music and have little tolerance for boys who wear size 0 girl's pants when I struggle to fit my ass into size 6s. I am hoping that whole fad will die but every time I walk into H&M I see it is very much alive.

So there you go. There is my little introduction. I will probably change everything about this blog a million times but it's my blog so...I can do that. All the blogs I like are hilarious and don't really have a focus so hopefully mine will be the same. I am going to go and enjoy my mint Oreos now and think of a topic for tomorrow. I'm thinking a list of the Top 10 Best Television Shows in the '90s....


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  1. Nice intro. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on all my favorite topics.