Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Confession: I Am A Half Drinker

It seems as if recently many of my unusual habits have come to light. People have been commenting on things I do subconsciously and bringing it to my attention. Which leads me to think I have some super weird habits. Some of them I honestly had no idea I was doing and others I knew I was doing but didn’t think it was that weird.

We all have some sort of routine or habit in our life that other people may deem a bit off. I’m talking things you do without even thinking every day. I’m a notorious half drinker. I never noticed it until it has been pointed out to me by..oh, everyone…the past couple of months. Now I know this habit has stemmed from when I lived in a dorm in college. I only had a mini fridge with a certain amount of juiceboxes in it for a week. So I would half drink a juicebox then put it back in the fridge for later. It was a matter of being frugal. But now that habit has stemmed to me leaving only tiny amounts of liquid in a cup and putting it back in the fridge. Which annoys the hell out of everyone around me. All I want is a nice cold drink in a frosty glass. Is that too much to ask?

Another habit that spawned from my college years would be my inability to sleep if there is anything on my bedroom floor. I was always a semi-OCD neat person but my freshman year of college I shared a tiny dorm room with another person. So in actuality I went from having my own mid-sized bedroom to half of a tiny dorm. Which put my OCD into overdrive. I could not fall asleep until everything in my room was in place. My computer had to have all the files closed, my clothes needed to be put away, and my school stuff needed to be neatly stacked under my bed. This particular habit ingrained itself into my brain and from then on I absolutely cannot sleep unless everything is in its place. I don’t care how tired, drunk or lazy I am; I will not sleep with any disorder around me.

There are plenty of other things I do that even I can’t explain. I hate having double songs on my Itunes so I will systematically go through each song, delete doubles, and correct the spelling on everything. I have a folder for every major expense in my life and make sure to put all paperwork in the correct folder. I cannot leave my house unless my bed is made. I could go on for days.

Yes, all of these things make me unusual. But I’ve met people who are superstitious to the point of having to wear the same pair of boxers every time they play in a basketball game. And those who have to re-sharpen their pencil before every use so their writing is perfect. Not to mention those that vacuum their rooms every day so their rug has the perfect “lines” on it.

I know I’m not the only one out there who has a few peculiar habits. Share yours in the comments. Or better yet, when you see me take a drink and put the cup back in the fridge with only a smidgen of juice left in it, tell me how wonderfully unique I am.

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