Monday, April 4, 2011

Anti-Bullying Messages: We Get the Point

Is anyone else out there getting a little bit of sick of the constant anti-bullying messages that are constantly being thrown at us from the media? Yes, I get it..bullying is bad. Nobody should be bullied regardless if they are annoying or different. That’s a given. I also understand that all those kids committing suicide recently have stated bullying was what pushed them over the edge. Those cases are tragedies and should never have gotten to that point.

However, do people really think celebrities making two minute anti-bullying YouTube videos is really going to put a stop to this? I, for one, do not. Hearing Joe Jonas tell me bullying is bad kind of makes me want to punch him in the face. Because regardless if he was bullied or not..he is now making millions of dollars singing for pre-pubescent girls. So really Mr.Jonas…your opinion does not matter to me.

I went to high school. I’ve seen bullying. I’ve read the stories. I’ve gotten angry about how some of those cases have been treated. But I don’t think celebrities telling the general public bullying is bad is going to prevent anything.

So for all this talk, what do I think would help stop bullying? Easy. Start learning how to fight and the next time someone says you’re fat or gross, punch their fucking face in. Is violence always the answer? No. Is it likely you might be small and weak and your tormenter big and strong? Yes. But I believe in standing up for yourself. If you get your ass kicked, you get your ass kicked. Face it, you were going to get your ass kicked any way. At least you went down fighting. 

For example, I recently saw a YouTube video of this small ferret-looking kid hitting this bigger ginger kid nonstop. Just being really annoying and all up in his face. Pouncing around on the balls of his feet like he is some kind of MMA fighter. Then, he seemed surprised when the big ass ginger kid picks his bony ass up and body slammed him WWE style. HELL YEA! I outwardly cheered for this ginger kid. Until I read HE got suspended for fighting? Are you serious? Did the school principal not see this video and all the provoking the bigger kid had before he defended himself? If I were this kid’s mother, I would have made him a great big dish of lasagna for dinner and told him how proud I was of him for sticking up for himself. Then, I would  have enrolled him in some wrestling classes or something so he doesn’t try the body slam move again. Let’s face it, he could have paralyzed the little shit.

If you haven’t seen the video here it is:

In all seriousness, I hate bullying as much as the next person. I think it’s stupid and pointless and people that have any kind of self respect would not feel the need to pick on anybody else to feel good. It also hasn’t been such a long time since I went to high school and saw what happens in the hallways. There are always going to be the artsy kids, the annoying kids, the “different” kids, etc. There are always going to be there just like the jocks, the assholes, and the band kids. Thinking they are annoying and not wanting to befriend them is one thing. Going out of your way to make their life a living hell is quite another. 

I am not preaching the “let’s all just get along” theory. I’ll leave that to the hippies.  That will never happen. There is no way a school can dump 1200 kids together 5 days a week, 10 months a year, and everybody will get along. What I am saying is, if you can’t stand someone..don’t talk to them. Avoid them.  Is that a little bit harder than giving in to temptation and making fun of them? Yes. Is it the more mature approach to the situation? Yes. Will you feel ten times better after you graduate knowing that you didn’t emotionally (and sometimes physically) scar someone for life? Yes.

So for all those people who think those stupid anti-bullying videos work..keep on believing that. But for people who want to be more realistic about the situation…teach your kids some tolerance. Or better yet..enroll them in ju jitsu.

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