Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10 List of Ultimate Nerds

As I was watching Saved By the Bell before work this morning, I became inspired to make a list of my favorite nerds. It seems every show in the ‘90s had a nerdy sidekick who brought all the comedic laughs.  Most of them got pigeon holed as being a “good nerd” and never got offered other roles.  I’m sure that made them every depressed and they’ve appeared in some Lifetime movies to try and gain an audience. Which we all know doesn’t work. Anywho, here’s my list:

Top 10 Ultimate Nerds

10.) Chuckie (Rugrats)- Chuckie was known for his crazy, red hair, glasses,  and semi-buck teeth. He was Tommy’s partner in crime and would usually whine about getting involced in Tommy’s schemes. 

9.) Rivers Cuomo (Weezer)- Not really a nerd but made famous by his black trendster glasses. His video for “Buddy Holly” shows that he would have been super hot if we were in the ‘50s. Actually, I guess he is still attractive in a nerdy way.

8.) Millhouse (The Simpsons)-Bart’s best friend. Always looks timid and scared. He always tags along on Bart’s crazy escapades. He has a hardcore crush on Lisa and gets bullied every day.

7.) Paul (The Wonder Years)- Kevin’s best friend. It as rumored that a young Marilyn Manson played this part but that isn’t true. He had big black glasses and a bowl cut and a pretty big nose. He was allergic to everything and I’m pretty sure he had a thing for Wendy.

6.) Kimmy Gibler (Full House): DJ’s BFF and next door neighbor. She had a bit of a big nose, crazy ‘80s hair and super neon jumpers. She ate all the food in the Tanner household and was in love with Uncle Jesse. Her dirtiness made Danny nuts and she was always the third wheel between DJ & Steve

5.) Stuart Minkus (Boy Meets World): The typical annoying kiss ass to Mr.Feney  in Corey and Shawn’s class. He was in love with Topanga (who at that time,was also quite a nerd). He also rocked the bowl cut and had a large head. He randomly stopped appearing in episodes during the second season.

4.) Carlton Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)- Will’s uber geeky cousin. Carlton was known for being super preppy, dancing to Tom Jones, and not having any luck with the ladies. If I remember correctly, he cried to Will about dying a virgin. He kissed Uncle Phil’s ass mercilessly and just about everyone hated him. Especially G, the butler.

3.) Andrea Zuckerman (Beverly Hills: 90210): Nerdy girl who worked on school newspaper with Brandon. Somehow became friends with the cool crowd but always stuck out. Super bookworm and always had to be right. Always wanted to be with Brandon and he was too nice to say she was ugly and annoying. Nobody liked Andrea Zuckerman. Especially after she had a baby, got fat, and cheated on Jesse, her loving Spanish husband whom doted on her.

2.) Steve Urkel (Family Matters)-Urkel rocked the suspenders up to his nipples look with oversized glasses and a super squeaky voice. In one episode, he  invented “cool juice” which made him into super suave Stefan Urquelle.  He was desperately in love with Laura although I think the only one who liked him was the old Grandma.

1.) Screech Powers (Saved By the Bell)- Screech had a mop of curly hair, was super skinny, displayed some unusual facial expressions and was a basic spaz. He was Zack’s best friend ( I have no idea how) and was in love with Lisa Turtle. Nobody returned his affection but Violet ( a young Tori Spelling), another super-geek. Nowadays, Screech has turned into a mega dousche and is best known for cursing out Harvey the drill instructor on Celebrity Fit Club.

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