Friday, April 22, 2011

Why New York is the Best Place to Live

I don’t have much experience traveling. I’ve been around the East Coast (barely), Florida a couple of times and Texas for a few days. So to say I have experienced other people’s cultures is really a stretch. However, I do believe there a few a couple of reasons why it would be hard for me to leave New York. I have compiled a list of why New York does it better than any other state.

I’m sure a few foreigners are bound to find fault with this list. They will proclaim that our Indian food sucks or our streets are dirty. Both are true. But those statements don’t affect me as I don’t eat Indian food and I could care less if my street is dirty. So here is my list as why  New York is above the rest..

7 Things that Make New York  Better than Whatever Shit State You Live In
1.    Food

The Food Network can’t go 5 words without mentioning a restaurant or chef out of New York. Whether it be the super fancy restaurants in Manhattan that charge you for ice or the roach coach outside the construction zones; our food doesn’t disappoint. Does it sometimes make you run to a bathroom? Sure. Are your senses assaulted by all the different ethnic restaurants right next to each other? Yes. Will you ever go hungry? No. I dare say nowhere in this country will you find a proper bagel other than New York. Even Upstate New York doesn’t know what a fresh out of the oven, deliciously yeasty bagel tastes like. Pizza? Forget about it. I am appalled when I have to eat pizza out of New York. For those who think Dominoes isn’t an abomination…I am sad for you.

2.     Technology

You can’t walk anywhere without seeing someone talking on their Iphone while listening to their Ipod and playing Angry Birds on their Ipad while getting directions from their GPS. We might not be as advanced in technology as say…Japan, but let’s be truthful…no one can compete with those nerds. I’ve seen mothers desperately shove their Iphones at their 2 years olds to play with so they’d stop crying. I’ve had my 10 year old cousins tell me how to fix my laptop. Sure everyone nowdays is technologically advanced. Well except for some of those backwards states like Alabama and Missouri. But anywho, when New Yorkers get excited for something they tend to go overboard. And that is why the 6 year old girl in front of me at Stop “n” Shop was texting on a nicer cell phone than mine and telling her mom she wanted her “upgrade.”

3.     Sports Fans

I’m not a real sports fan, let’s just get this out there. But I have been to more than my share of sporting events and have yet to any fans that can touch New York fans. More people have a Yankees tattoo than a tramp stamp around here. I’ve met people who would miss the birth of their child to see the Buffalo Bills play. Now that Carmelo Anthony got traded to the Knicks…suffice it to say we are about to have a whole new rebirth of basketball fans. Kids are taught at a young age what team to root for and it is ingrained in them to be loyal and fight for their them. Nobody really wants to come to blows with a New York fan. Except maybe a Red Sox fan.

4.     Best of Both Worlds

Do you like the hustle and bustle of the city? Or do you prefer the serene and calming countryside? Perhaps a little of both? Whichever is your preference, New York offers them all. The ever evolving  New York City offers Broadway plays, fine eateries, high end shopping, and some of the most unusual people you will ever meet. A short train ride from the city will put you on Long Island’s East End with the New York Sound and breathtaking views at your disposal.  Prefer something completely different? Head upstate where there are endearing, old time cities and farms.

5.     Loyalty

There have been more movies and songs based on New York than any other state. People who live here don’t want to leave and people who do leave, come back. People are proud to say they are from New York. And why wouldn’t they be? New Jerseyians even try to pass off as being from New York. Ok as if that’s even a comparison….Which leaves me to….

6.     We’re not Jersey

We don’t smell like toxic waste and we don’t host the Jersey Shore. Enough said.


 7   ....Did I mention food?

Seriously…no one makes cannolis & meatballs like we do.

Maybe when I go down South this summer I’ll change my mind about NY being the best state to live in. I am dying to try chicken & waffles…

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