Monday, April 11, 2011

One Hit Wonders of the 2000s

I recently caught the VH1 special “Top 40 One-Hit Wonders of the ‘90s” and of course, found myself transfixed to the TV for 3 hours.  I knew almost all of them and this got my brain tickin’. What were the top one hit wonders of the 2000s so far? I’m sure VH1 will make a countdown of this some day but I thought I’d jump the gun a bit and make one of my own. I scaled the list down to the top 20 of (what I believe) to be the most popular. 

I’m not sure what VH1’s protocol was but mine is the artist or band must have only had ONE  song ever to hit the Top 10 on the Billboard charts. They could have had other songs that were semi-famous but could only have had ONE that actually charted. In addition, these are songs I believe were the best one hit wonders. There are plenty of others that didn’t make the list because I hated them then and I still hate them now. I don’t enjoy every song on this list but all of them I couldn’t get out of my head at one time.

They are in no particular countdown order because that would require research that I don’t feel like doing.  Instead, enjoy my picks. 

Blue-Eiffel 65 (2000) 
I hated this song the first time I heard it. And I still do. But it’s so damn catchy!

Nine Days-Absolutely (Story of a Girl) 2000
Part of me loved this song because the band was from LI. Part of me just loved this song. And I still do.

Baha Men-Who Let the Dogs Out? (2000)
Wow..I couldn’t believe this was a real song. I think it was on the Rugrats soundtrack or something. All I know is people went bat shit when this came on. Especially at Mets games.

Crazy Town-Butterfly (2001)
Yeah, I used to think this song was badass. I mean the lead singer has tattoos. Then I realized it wasn’t really that good. And that lead singer ended up on Celebrity Rehab.

Blu Cantrell-Hit ‘Em Up Style (2001)
This was huge! I couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing it every other minute. I still kinda like it too.

Afroman-Because I got High (2001)
This song was funny. And true. What’s not to like?

P.O.D.-Youth of the Nation (2002)
P.O.D. was like the rock band for people who had morals. Nonetheless, great song.

Fountains of Wayne-Stacy’s Mom (2003)
I remember this song coming out like it was yesterday. Back when Fuse wasn’t known they played this video 1000 times a day. And I watched it. And it was funny every time.

Kevin Lyttle-Turn me on (2004)
I hated this song unless I was super drunk. I still feel the same way about it. Plus Kevin Lyttle’s a dick.

Terror Squad-lean Back (2004)
This isn’t Fat Joe’s only #1 song but because it was released under “Terror Squad” and not “Fat Joe” it made it on the countdown. A classic at all Sweet 16s and school dances. It brought a little badass to white suburbia.

Howie Day-Collide (2005)
For some reason I think this was my graduation song. I liked it but really? Nothing about it defies graduating.

Jim Jones-We fly high (2007)
A favorite at my college. Everyone was “ballin” even when they couldn’t afford Ramen.

Augustana-Boston (2007)
I like this song. That is all. I like Boston too.

Face Down-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (2007)
I heard this sone g approximately 1000 times a day when I worked at WPNR. It was on the only cd we played on repeat for 24 hours a day. As much as I liked it the first 25 times..I can’t listen to it anymore.

Shake it-Metro Station (2008)
This song is unbearably catchy. Nevermind that Miley Cyrus’ stepbrother is in the band. 

Good Girls Go Bad-Cobra Starship (2009)
I don’t really know who Cobra Starship is. I do know when this song came on at the bar, all the cougars started dancing seductively.

No More-3LW (2000)
I don’t know what ever became of these three young ladies. I just liked the song. Three lil ghetto girls infused my CD player with some urban attitude.

Rehab-Amy Winehouse (2006)
I hate this song. Every time it comes on it reminds me why I don’t like Amy Winehouse. She might be the shit overseas but here she’s just another emaciated crackhead with a Marge Simpson hairdo. However, this song was huge so I put it on here.

Bad Day-Daniel Powter (2005)
As if this song wasn’t played enough, American Idol had to have it be the theme song. Of course those poor kids were having a bad day when they got voted off. They really didn’t need this song to rub it in.

Throw Some Ds-Rich Boy (2006)
This song was THE song to blast while in your dorm room at 4am. Just ask my next door neighbor. He locved it so much he’d leave it blaring even when he wasn’t in his room. Prick.

Comment if you hated them or want to add your own. Whatever floats your boat.

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