Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Smokin’ Al’s Famous BBQ Joint

"Barbecue The Way It Oughta Be!"

Location: 19 West Main St, Bay Shore, NY

It’s getting to be late spring which means the cravings have begun. The cravings for some good barbeque. Usually I’m the type of person who would rather BBQ at home so I know it will be delicious. But I wanted to be served and had heard great things about Smokin’ Al’s in Bay Shore. So me and my main squeeze headed there on Friday night. As soon as we jumped out of the truck, the enchanting smell of bbq wafted through the air, causing not only my mouth to water, but my stomach to loudly growl. It was time to do some damage.

Haystack of onions..another winning app
The restaurant was smaller with tables that we pretty close together. We were a little worried about the wait seeing that we didn’t have a reservation and it was 7pm on a Friday night. We got seated right away and we a little perplexed to not find any alcoholic beverages on the menu. Our hunger overruled that minuscule detail and we started out with an appetizer of nachos with brisket. 

We did realize later that the people around us were drinking and that’s when we realized there was a small bar at the back of the restaurant. That is nice to know for next time. Right around the time we were handed our drinks, we noticed a bunch of people were coming in. The place was packed but even then I don’t think anybody waited more than 15 minutes to be seated. 

Tell me these don't look deadly
No less than ten minutes later, a heaping mound of heart attack inducing nachos were set in front of us. Piled high with cheese, sour cream, and brisket; it was actually difficult to find the chips underneath. The brisket was hot and melted in your mouth. The cheeses were generously heaped onto the chips allowing my eating methods to be a bit messy. We dove into the nachos with the anxiousness of a 13 year old boy who just discovered Playboy. I knew the nachos were going to be a bit much but I couldn’t help myself.

Conversation stalled for ten minutes as we both ate our weight in cheese and deliciousness. It was then we realized…we both got a full meal. With two sides. And cornbread. There was no way this stomach was going to stretch any more.

Loove the separate bowl for the beans
After we stopped gorging ourselves with nachos, our meals were brought out. And let me just say…the size of these meals easily could have fed a small village. My pulled chicken was moist to perfection. The cornbread was fluffy and not grainy at all, which is the secret to success. The French fries were perfection in grease with just the right amount of salt and crispiness. My beans were superb (and were put in a separate little bowl as to not mix with my other food which earned BIG points in my book). The meal was perfect but I could only manage a couple of bites of each before my stomach threatened to internally explode.

The nice lady packed up both our meals and handed us WARM (yes..warm) wet naps to clean ourselves with. I have never been handed a warm wet nap and let me say..I thoroughly enjoyed it. After we cleaned the debris of beans and ribs off our face, we paid the bill and were on our way. 

I will definitely be making my presence known at Smoki’ Al’s again. The service was excellent, the food overrode my expectations and then some and the prices were very reasonable. If you are looking for some BBQ to start off the summer, I highly suggest making a trip to Smokin’ Al’s.

Rating: A

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