Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Summer Kicks Winter's Ass

It has been shitty outside now for approximately 4 days. The weather forecast predicts that this will last until next Sunday. A full 10 days of shit weather when we are supposed to be welcoming spring and flip flops. Since this weather is making me depressed, I tried to think of a fun blog post so maybe I can pretend good weather is headed my way. Here are my top 10 favorite things about the summer:


You get to wear less of it and still look cute. Footwear consists of flip flops so your feet can breathe all summer. Shorts, tanks and bikinis round out your summer apparel. Summer clothes are cheap and colorful. They shave ten minutes off getting ready and always look nicer than a bulky sweater and long pants.

The perfect way to spend a weekend. Whether it be tanning or swimming the beach is where you'll find all the fun. Just not when your packed in between two huge Spanish famalies who blast their stupid music and let their babies wander into the ocean in their diapers. Driving on the beach…away from others…is really my thing.


What I live for. Burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, fresh fruit, beans..I could go on forever.

Backyard BBQs

Nothing makes a Saturday night more fun than a random BBQ.

Badmitton & Volleyball

I’m not at all athletic. But these two sports I will play and might even get competitive at. More so when I’ve had a couple of backyard drinks

Fire Pits

At every BBQ there is the super drunk guy who insists on being man of the wild and starting a fire. I like this guy because that means I can make smores. Which is the only thing fire pits should be used for.


There is always something going on in the summer. Water parks are open, there are craft fairs and festivals every weekend or just hanging out in the backyard.


It is a known fact that the sun  makes you feel better.Plus everyone looks better with a tan. Who doesn't love the summer's first sunburn?


 I rarely see one of these but it’s the ideal time for a road trip

Fruity Drinks

Hel-lo fruity cocktails that put me on my ass. Nothings better than going to a bar that's open in the back so I can enjoy my cocktail while lounging in the sun....

The Ice Cream Truck

Sure 85% of them are pedophiles. Doesn't stop me from flaggin them down and buying my Choco Taco which is now $3.50 (ludacris!)

All this thinking about summer is making me so excited. Until I heard the rain pelting the roof and I realize I am still in a long sleeved sweater and stuck at work

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